Month 5 with Our babe x

Month 5!

I can not belive my baby is five months old! People always say that time flys but I dont think you really understand the meaning untill you have a little one growing uncontrollably in front of your face! It it seriously amazing what these little ones learn in such a small amount of time. Slow down please baby Ash…

Month five has probally been the hardest, due to teething! Oh my, the poor little babes. We have found that the silicone teethers are the best! Two of our favourites off the top of my head would have to be:

One chew three
Logan and Alice

Our instagram has taken off this month! We have gained a few more followers and have been working hard to get ourselves a brand rep gig, now with the help of @Ausbrandrepsearches! The women behind this page are just down right amazing! We have been working hard on our photos and we have been taking a lot of photos of decor! We love being in the nursey but baby Ash just wanted to add that he only loves it during the day… haha. The possibilities on instagram and taking photos are just endless and we are still trying to find our feet and work out what sort of “feed style” we are trying to have. We will probably change 100 times, but hey! We are a brand enthusiast for Four Small Businesses! How amazing is that. We LOVE supporting small.

We are giving Ash solids at least once a day now! At around 5 PM he will have sweet potato, pumpkin, and sometimes carrot. We often mix it up and add a little bit of sweed or potato (all blended) but we have just been trying to keep it very plain and simple untill we hit the six month mark!

With Ash having the floppy laranix, his breathing can be quite weezy. However, on a certain day it sounded a little different, more husky than usual. I managed to get him into the doctor straight away and it resulted in my little man needing an Asthma puffer now! Hopefully it will be something he will grow out of, but it’s still scary having a bub that has asthma. As I write this I feel funny saying that, because one doctor told me Ash has Asthma but another doctor told me that there is no way he could have asthma at such a young age… you can never win! Haha.

All round (as I say every time) we have a happy baby who has definitely found his voice, loves playing, loves eating, and is smiling basically ALL the time! I think daddy is his favourite person at the moment, but in saying that, daddy does think he heard baby Ash saying “mummy” a few times.. yay!

Ash with his little twin friend Austin. x

Dakoda xo.




Month Four with baby Ash x 

Month four was huge for our little family! Ash had his appointment at the Ears, Throat and Nose Specialist which resulted in the diagnosis of laryngomalacia. Ash has floppy tissue over his voice box, so basically he is the nosiest breather and sleeper out! Aleep or awake you can hear him from a mile away! My poor baby had to have a camera down his nose to confirm that it was laryngomalacia and poor Daddy had to hold him down.

So, the good news is he will just grow out of it by the time he is two! (Fingers crossed).
We were booked in to get Ash’s Ties cut on a Monday Morning in Hobart (literally the other end of Tassie!) so we though we may as well make the most of it and head down to the Great Lake the night before so that way, we only have a two hour drive from there!

Monday came and we went into Mouthworks in Hobart. The man could not believe his eyes when he seen Ash breathe and it got even worse when he watched him drink! The man was basically in shock that baby Ash was in such great condition. He said to Dec and I “He is struggling so so much to drink his bottle. He is doing such a good job” I felt so bad! I had no idea that it was this bad. With the Laryngomalacia and the ties put together they couldn’t believe we still had a healthy bub! Dad had to hold Ash down to get his tie cut, and as bad as it is, Ash done a really good job and only cried for about two minutes. THANKGOD. We then had follow up appointments over the phone which was amazing, and overall, Mouthworks was really great to deal with!

Around this time was when I first started Ash’s Instagram page. At this stage, I was wanting to enter into brandreps, being very active and posting lots about my blog, so I decided that instead of plastering it all over my own personal account, why not make Ash his own? It was the best decision I made! We are now brand enthusiasts for three small businesses and love being apart of the Insta families!
There will be more about that next blog…



By FOUR months Ash was laughing alot, rolling over, cying when I walked out of the room, lifting his head up, starting solids towards the end of four months and just genuinely a happy healthy baby!


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Love always Dakoda x

Months Two and Three with Baby Ash x

By 6 weeks baby Ash was smiling, gaining a lot of weight and just acting like an all-round relaxed baby! His favourite things at this age were… the Little Lamb Cradle and Swing, Love to Dream Swaddles, his dummy (that he is not too keen on anymore) and lots of cuddles!

Ash has been showering with us for a while now! Sometimes it is so much easier! I remember his first shower, I said to Dec “you have to hold him! I can’t! OMG if you drop him I will kill you” I think I repeated myself about 100 times… Poor Dec… Lol.
What a stressful time that first shower was!

Ash had already met his two little best friends. Amellia and Austin. It melts my heart having photos of them growing up together. I cannot wait to show them when they are older! Keep posted for updates on photo’s of them! They are all so cute and growing way to fast!

Around this time would have been the stage that Ash slept with us for a week or so! It was more our fault, sleep deprived and he wanted to be with us, so we let him.
We didn’t make a habit out of it though! He sleeps all night long, in our room now, but in his bassinet.

Ash had his first sleepover at his Nan’s! Declan and I just slept all night! I reckon we could have slept the whole weekend…
We are so lucky with Ash staying at mums. She has the exact same bassinet and he has never had a problem going to stay there! Well why would you when you have three girls fighting over you the whole time…

All this time Ash was still not right. I thought I’d give the heath care nurse a try and see if she knows what is going on. Soon enough Ash had an appointment and we were informed that he had a very thick tongue tie and a lip tie! I was soo upset. Babies that had been born weeks after Ash had already had their ties cut! That’s the first time I think I felt like I had really let Ash down. The heath care nurse referred us to speech pathology and we went from there…

10 weeks old and it was Father’s Day. What a special time that was!
Ash treated Daddy with A personalised “My Daddy” book, a gorgeous little suit! And a “you’re way cooler than all the other dads” beer glass. The most treasured gift was our first night away together as a family! That to me was so exciting! We got to take our baby away for the weekend to a gorgeous little cottage and just have a relaxing time! How gorgeous!

As I am writing this blog baby Ash is 5 months old. I am nearly up to where we are at! I am so excited to be up to date with my blogs and be able to more regularly share adventures.

Ash and I would love to do a Question and Answer Blog! So, if you have ANY question about my life, being a mum or just anything. here is your chance!
Please leave a comment, down below or direct message me via social media. We cannot wait to hear from you.

Dakoda x

The First Month With Baby Ash x

I want to be able to catch up to where we are, but it’s sooo hard going back though and trying to think of everything that’s happened even though it was only 4 months ago!
All that comes to mind is lack of SLEEP! OH MY GOD. Coming from someone who previously SLEPT no less than 9 hours a night, now I cope with 4 hour. (JUST…) I do want to write a blog on sleeping, so I won’t go too much into it!
Ash failed his right ear test in hospital, but he was only 12 hours old when it was done. We had to go get him re-tested! Lucky all was fine there.
I noticed our babe was very “mucusy” still, so we thought we should get him checked out. We were reassured by the GP that everything was okay and it was just lingering from birth, and we were told “come back in a week”.
A week goes by and there’s still no improvement.
“It’s still from birth everything else seems to be fine. We will make another appointment to come back next week. How about this I’ll just go grab another doctor to take a look over him” the second doctor then said that she was happy with the way he was presenting.
“Maybe try changing his formula” said second the doctor. Ash was checked over AGAIN and we were sent on our way.
Everyone told me ” always listen to your motherly instincts”… me being me just thought I was over reacting and he just was still trying to get everything up. We changed his formula and bottles because we had had an iffy feeling about the ones we were using.
We went out and spent $250 on new bottles, brushes, dummies and a sterilizer. We got home and I was so excited I felt like I had a new car! I went to get the bottles out to sterilize in the microwave and guess what … The sterilizer didn’t fit in the bloody microwave did it… Nothing ever goes right…. Off Declan went to buy a new microwave. Yep, you read that right.
In between all of this, I was suffering with the worst after birth pains like F**K!? What is going on?!? I thought I must have had an infection!!!! I literally could hardly sit on my own ass. I remember going to the toilet and being in so much pain that I couldn’t sit down on the bloody toilet seat. It honestly felt like my vagina was being ripped apart. I would sit in a ball on my bed taking all pressure of my ass and pressing it onto my stomach!! I don’t know if it was because I had an intense back labour, but holy shit it was like I was getting ready to push another one out. I swear!! Lol..
Around 4 weeks we bought a “my little lamb cradle swing” as one of my good friends says it’s the BEST babysitter!
Ash had his 6 week needles! Oh that was soo horrible. He held his breath for what felt like forever!! I sat him up and just hugged him as tight as I could to let him know that everything was okay and that it’ll be all over soon.

Sorry about how quite we have been! We are brand reps for some amazing small business on Instagram now! Our Instagram, ashtheo_ ! Thankyou so much for reading and just hit the button to subscribe to get an Email for when we post!

Thankyou again! Dakoda x

The First Week! 

What a rollercoaster that was. I hadn’t slept for three days, and it’s not like you can just come home now and have a rest. Dec and I were busy trying to work out a routine to clean and make Ash’s bottles, in the best way possible. For two people that had no idea, we have done alright!

received_15055765195349711619713073.jpegBecause I didn’t stay in hospital long enough to have visitors, everyone came over to the house, to visit! We had a house full of people for a few weeks, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s so amazing to see the amount of love the people around you have for your little person! I think he got enough presents to fill a shop!

Declan’s first nappy change must have been the night we got home! Mumma must have been asleep, and he got up with Ash. I remember talking the nappy off, and it was back to front, and I laughed and said, “Oh you put it on back to front!” And his response
was, “Well I have never changed a nappy before?!”

Day 3… what a bloody mess! Everyone says, ‘Look you’re going to have one day with the baby blues.’ I just thought yeah na I’ll be fine! Won’t happen to me! BOY was I wrong! I cried for most of the day! Not sad tears just WHY THE F**K AM I CRYING TEARS.
Apparently, it’s normal. Like come on haven’t we gone through enough!

My good friend Kursti messaged me around day 4, and I was getting out of the house! She said, “How are you feeling?” (She said more than that lol)… “Yeah no, I’m fine! Can’t believe I have eight stitches!” To which she replied, “I’m only trying to warn you, but in a week you are going to want to rip your vagina off!” Me thinking surely I would already be sore, hoping that it wouldn’t be that bad!

Hahaha, thanks for the warning babe!!! (I’ll leave that for next time!)

Declan held a baby for the first time a few weeks before we had Ash! He’s done a bloody fantastic job! Dec had two weeks off work when Ash was born, and I wish we could do it all over again, it’s so beautiful just having your little family.

Ash now feeds every 3 to 4 hours. When he was first born, we recorded every single feed for weeks. It is so funny looking back and seeing how little he drank and how far he has come it’s amazing!

I think people thought we were crazy but lucky we did persist with his feeding!

We have recently just found out, or poor baby has laryngomalacia!

English, please…

Top 10 necessities at 3 Months!


Here are a few things that I COULD NOT live without! I’m sure your necessities change as your baby grows, however these are the things I won’t ever give up!…Well, not at the moment!

1.    Disposable change mats! Oh my lord. What would we do without them? They have saved my carpet, my couch, my mattress! Absolutely everything! They are so handy and I think they are around $4 for an 8 pack from Kmart… amazing!!!

2.      A Rain Protector for the capsule is such a necessity with the windy weather and all the rain that we’ve had in the last few months here in Tassie! It literally blocks out all the coldness too so I don’t have to worry about Ash getting too cold. I don’t know what I would do without it!

3.     Our Love to Dream Swaddles I just can not recommend this product enough. We literally would be sleep deprived without the them! Ash usually startles a lot, but he doesn’t at all in his swaddle! We don’t have to worry about him scratching the s*** out of himself, and no more worrying about him pulling the blankets up over his face. They are just awesome, I love them!

4.     A thermometer! An absolute lifesaver when your newborn babe is sick. Especially when you’re a first-time mum, you literally have no idea what’s going on the first time they are sick and the thermometer was the only thing that really reassured us that Ash was going ok with his first cold!

5.      Wondersuits are my best friend as a new mum! I love how you can cover both their hands and feet! So easy if you need to pop out in a hurry!

6.     My Bottle Sterilizer! When we first had Ash, we didn’t have a microwave sterilizer so we had no choice but to do it the old fashion way and boil all of the bottles up in a pot together! It worked really well, but became very time consuming!! We now have the Dr Brown’s sterilizer and it’s amazing and makes life so much easier. Especially with all the little bits and pieces the bottles have.

7.     The Little Lamb Swing! This thing has saved me so many nights of being up and awake trying to rock Ash to sleep! It’s also handy during the day because if he’s over-tired he goes in the swing and within 5 minutes he is passed out asleep!

8.      My Change Table!! Everyone told me they are a waste of money and they never used theirs but I love mine! We even have ours in the lounge for easy access! Haha

9. Cloth nappies (Used as spew rugs). I went all out and bought a heap of gorgeous spew rugs and I reckon we used two per feed. TALK ABOUT WASHING! These are amazing!! We still love our nice ones for when we go out, but cloth nappies all the way!!

10. MY BABY BAG! You need a nice big baby bag. Especially if you are like me and put way too much stuff in your bag for yourself and baby! My best friend bought me a Mimco baby bag and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! The quality is amazing! So much space for all your essentials!
How lucky am I? What a babe. George x 


Dakoda x 

The After Math..

I was on top of the world after having baby Ash no pain, and because my epidural had fallen out I could walk straight after the birth!
Declan decided to send a Snapchat of Ash to people while I was in the shower! Talk about f**king wild… I got out of the shower and had a heap of congratulations messages, lucky Dec was such a little darl, or he might not have left the hospital..haha.
Ash was weighed, measured and vaccinated. We had a perfect little babe.

The first 24 hours were EASY. My baby slept all night! I was just awake the whole night waiting for him to wake up!

The next morning the first thing I thought was I HAVE to get out of here TODAY! My back was so sore!
Declan was coming back to the hospital at 8.30am, well 9.30am passed, and I’m thinking hmmm… 10.00am, 10.30am, hmm time to call mum. “Where the f**k are you guys?!?”
She replied, “I don’t know, I have been ready here since 8 am.” My phone was at 5%, and I had a newborn baby with NO family around AND no phone charger! I didn’t think I was actually going to have him! Finally, at 11.15am Mum and Declan walk into the room. I was absolutely fuming!


I do want to note here that not everything changes when you have a baby; well everything does but it doesn’t just turn you into a brick wall, and you can’t just cope with everything. It’s HARD. I always say I have NO idea how 16year olds do it! (Nothing against anyone at any age having babies) but not just being able to sleep, eat, shower and toilet whenever you want is a HUGE change.
I got the doctor to have a look at my back, and he said, “Oh they had a few goes at putting it in did they?” Well lucky I didn’t know that or I really would have freaked out!
I NEEDED MY BED… and maybe missed Dec a little!
I decided to formula bottle feed Ash (after getting milked by people to give him the best start in life) and decided to head home that day!
I always thought I would breastfeed and I didn’t. Ash didn’t latch on, and I changed my mind as soon as I had, had him and was like no I don’t think I (underlined I) want to do this. It might not make sense to some, but a lot of people say they have a powerful bond with their breastfed baby, I don’t think Ash and I could get any closer if we tried. He has always known his Mumma and Dadda love him, how could he not.. LOL. I was so lucky to have the support of almost everyone around me, which made me feel so much better about bottle feeding. I found it hard for a few days thinking maybe I could have tried better. I won’t lie though; I think its the best decision I have ever made. No one can prepare you for how TIRED you get, and I take my hat off to the people who do it and to the people who sit up expressing while their baby sleeps. I don’t know how you are alive!22016659_1492172107542079_1765876744_n


Leaving the hospital; with our bub, for the first time was somewhat relaxing! I thought I would be crazy. We couldn’t wait to be at home!! 


Dakoda x