Month 9 With Ash x

What the heck.. Month 9!

Easter!! What a lovely First Easter with my little Family. We celebrated with Lunch at Nan’s! Easter is not a huge deal in our Family but I wanted to keep it going for Ash! I ordered him an outfit. He had an Easter bib, ears and even a cute little Easter bag. He enjoyed his first try of A white chocolate Fredo Frog from Auntie Bobby. He enjoyed it a little to much that he wasn’t very happy when mumma took it away from him!! As usual Baby Ash was A very spoilt little boy and had a very happy Easter weekend.


Ash is crawling around the whole house now and doesn’t he love checking everything out! A few of his favorites include:

• Watching the dryer

• Slapping his hands on the tiles

• Looking at himself in the refection of the fridge, squealing and dancing at himself

• Watching the music channel

• Making music

It is just crazy how fast my little babe is growing up. He is wanting to eat everything now! At nine months we have started to give him finger foods so he can also feed himself. He LOVES doing it! It freaks me out a little but I have to let him go he enjoys it so much. I think it helps alot with teething, him being able to rub the foods up along his top gum! Ash has finally cut a top tooth! His top right tooth popped though only a few days ago!

I don’t know if it was due to teething or not and because our little man has asthma it makes it alot worse, he got sick! Just a very runny nose and a bad cough but he had to have some medicine for 5 days to stop the mucous bill up and he also had to have antibiotics. Ontop in that he has a floppy larynx so he does sound like he is really struggling when he gets abit of a build up like that. He was cleared up within no time though, Thank gosh. It’s awful seeing your babe sick!

Since getting into an amazing right sleep routine Ash started holding his own bottle. Declan put Ash to bed one night, gave him his bottle and left the room. We watched in the monitor Ash drinking his bottle all hy himself and then he rolled over and put him self to sleep! Ahhhh, it just gets better.
I couldn’t believe it, my baby that we have rocked to sleep for 10 months just self soothed and fell to sleep own his own!!! Unbelievable. (Not every single night, but it’s still so worth bragging about!)

Well as I post this Ash is 10 months old today! I can not believe he will be one in only a few short months. It is funny hey, you feel like this little person has been in your life FOREVER and then when you think about the time you have had with them you can’t comprehend that is has nearly been a year! Weird I know, but you wouldn’t have it any other way! Would you? Haha…

Dakoda xxx


Sawyer Bear Baby Blends

Not just a coincidence?…

“Sleepy Bear”

Ash has always been a great sleeper until about 6 months old.

From 6 weeks old (roughly) he slept all night. From what a can remember I think month 4 and 5 was the best. He would sleep from 6 untill 6. WHAT A DREAM.

I should probaly note, Ash wore love to dream swaddles up until he started rolling at around six months. We transitioned him into sleeveless sleeping bags. He was unsettled for maybe the first two nights and then started sleeping okay again. (For a few weeks!)

By about month Seven, Ash was struggling to go down and sleep all night. I know alot of people say “that’s just what babies do” but in my case we had a baby that had slept all night for a long time and it was quite a shock! We would have to settle him a few hours after he went down, at about 1am he would wake and most of the time his dad or I would go sleep with him in the spare bed because he just would not settle to go back in his cot. He would then wake for the day no later than 5-5.30. It was starting to take it’s toll, we were all tired!

One of my good friends Kursti told me she had ordered “sleepy bear” a blend of essential oils to help her bub go to sleep. I couldn’t get my head around it, “what an oil that you can put on your baby and it helps you sleep” I kept thinking. I HAVE TO TRY SOME.

I jumped onto @sawyerbearblends and had a look through and read about the Sleepy bear and seen there was also Teethy Bear and Rashy Bear. I then had a look for the Mumma bears and seen motivate and calm. Lucky enough there is a bundle where you can get 5 oils for $65! Bundle and save, thats my type of shopping!! HAHA.

So I put in our order and I messaged Nikita off my Son’s Instagram page to let her know it was us that had just placed the order! No word of a lie, I think it was within minutes she replied and said that she was already making up our order now! I could not believe it. Within half a day of me ordering my 5 oil blends, they were made and in the post on the way to us!

We eagerly awaited the arrival of our oils that took no longer than a few days to get here!

I could not wait to try them out. Sleepy Bear was my priority.

We had our normal night routine. Tea, bath and bed. As I was getting Ash dressed I would rub the oil onto the souls of feet and then I put socks straight on.

The blend is to promote a longer and deeper sleep and to be applied at least 15 minutes before bed.

Within three nights Ash was sleeping through again!!

We haven’t had to go in and re-settle him once he is asleep. He has been sleeping from roughly 7.30pm untill 6am. That is just perfect baby!

I really do not think this is a coincidence, this stuff really works!!



If you enjoyed something a little different, please leave a comment and let me know! Dakoda xox.

Month 8!

It’s like every time I write a blog I can not believe that our baby is another month older it is just crazy!

Dad is the all time favourite word of the moment. Now he can say it, it is non stop! Baby Ash is clapping when he thinks he has done something pretty cool or when you clap to him. It is just amazing how fast and how much our little babes develop! Oh and he can wave as well!

Ash is now on the move! It did take him about a week to get going but now there is no stopping him! He went backwards for so long and then he finally did it and I am so glad I was with him to see it. Everyone said “oh you wont be able to stop him once he starts” but he was really funny when he did start crawling, it was like he was in shock that he could finally move. I would walk away and he would sook but them remember he could actually make his own way over to me. So so cute!

Bath time would have to be his all time favourite time of the day. I walk up to the bathroom and as soon as the lights and fan are on he is straight up the hallway ready to get in! He sits up in the bath and just loves having a splash about! He is also still really enjoying swimming and can now blow bubbles in the water.

I actually left the state and went to Melbourne only from Tasmania (it takes about 45 minutes on a plane) to go over and see Ed Sheeran. Ash went and stayed with Nanny one night and then Daddy had him the next. I wasn’t to worried about leaving Ash for two nights as I always know he is fine with my Mum and his Dad/My partner Declan, is a great Daddy. I did miss him so much  though!

We have still been LOVING catching up with our friends and bubs all the time. We have been looking around the coast at places that are baby friendly that we can all go and have lunch, the kids can play and just hang out. We have found a few different spots that we can go to, it’s really great!

This month has been a big one! Dakoda xxx


Month Seven!

Seven months in and our little babe is just non stop talking! He’s saying everything from mum, bub, hello and yeah. We are sure we even heard dad a few times too!

He also squeals non stop to get as much attention as possible. The little noises he makes are just the best, I could sit here and listen to him all day!

We had Our first swim at the pool and Ash just loved it. We went with a group of ladies and their bubs that we meet up with though a group, one of my good friends and I have made on facebook! “Mamas gotta stick together.” We made the page for mum’s on the North-West Coast of Tasmania, to ask each other advice on anything and everything! We also have a Catch up (Weekly-Fortnightly) where we get together for the kids to play and for some Mum time, it is great! It really has been awesome getting out and meeting other mum’s and bub’s.

Now we have started swimming lessons every Saturday morning in half an hour sessions, Ash just LOVES it! Declan dunked him under on his first day…. Yes, I did have a heart attack but Ash was just fine. He really loves the water!

Ash is moving all around the lounge now. Not crawling but rolling and going backwards. I don’t think we are far away from crawling at all! I have felt bad watching him get so mad at himself, his legs go but his arms aren’t sure how to get moving at the same time yet!!

On Saturday the 3rd of Febuary Baby Ash FINALLY cut his first tooth! I noticed that he was doing a really strange face and thought it looked like he was feeling something so I put my little finger and rubbed it along his bottom gum and felt his front left tooth finally here! We were so excited, but I couldn’t get a photo because it was so tiny! A short time after that his bottom right tooth cut though as well. How cute does he look now?!

Baby Ash is making everyone’s hearts and lives full. When we are walking down the street people stop me to talk to him because as we are walking he is grinning his head off at them. What a little con.. haha!









As I upload this blog Ash is over nine months old! So be ready to be hit with a few blogs in a row as I have been writing!

Dakoda xox




Month 6 with Baby Ash!

Baby Ash was 6 months old on Christmas day 2017. What a day! We celebrated Ash’s first Christmas with breakfast at home, lunch with my family and then tea with Declan’s family! Ash was showered with the most gorgeous gifts from everyone. We even ended Christmas with a pet giraffe… haha, thanks grandma and grandpa!

We had another mini holiday booked for New Years Eve! We went down to Smithton to visit Ash’s Auntie Steve. We love little get aways!

Six month needles… DONE! Thank god. We were a week late due to bad eczema and dribble rash but we got there. Let me tell you, nothing goes smoothly!! Haha.

Ash is just crazy about his toes! I always knew that babies “found their feet” but it’s so amusing watching him and he can even sit by himself now! Awhhh, it’s just so cute the things they start doing! He is laughing full time, at anything really! Mostly my face for some reason, LOL.

On the 11th of January 2018 baby Ash had his first night in the cot. It is so bittersweet, I am happy he is in his room in his own bed but I am sooo sad that the journey of him sleeping in our room has come to an end. He went down without an issue at all and slept the entire night in there! The second night he went down without any trouble again. Thank gosh!

Baby Ash was saying mum and bub so clearly by this stage and it’s just the cutest thing in the world. I can not believe my baby can already talk! Since the day he said both clearly he hasn’t stopped! He wakes up now saying “bub bub bub” it is just gorgeous.

We had Ash’s 6 month check and my big hunk weighed a massive 9.5 KGS! He is getting so big. He fills out a size 0 and I swear he only just went into them! Ahhhh.

We had a big month again, with Ash now eating 3 meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and tea. He does not stop talking and he is still always smiling! No teeth as of yet but hopefully the next blog will be a differnt story! Ash can sit up for long periods of time now and we have just had to get out of our love to dream swaddles as Ash started rolling in his cot! So we are trying out a best and less sleeping bag tonight for the first time, I am hoping it doesn’t ruin our full nights sleep!

Untill next time guys, Dakoda xo





Month 5 with Our babe x

Month 5!

I can not belive my baby is five months old! People always say that time flys but I dont think you really understand the meaning untill you have a little one growing uncontrollably in front of your face! It it seriously amazing what these little ones learn in such a small amount of time. Slow down please baby Ash…

Month five has probally been the hardest, due to teething! Oh my, the poor little babes. We have found that the silicone teethers are the best! Two of our favourites off the top of my head would have to be:

One chew three
Logan and Alice

Our instagram has taken off this month! We have gained a few more followers and have been working hard to get ourselves a brand rep gig, now with the help of @Ausbrandrepsearches! The women behind this page are just down right amazing! We have been working hard on our photos and we have been taking a lot of photos of decor! We love being in the nursey but baby Ash just wanted to add that he only loves it during the day… haha. The possibilities on instagram and taking photos are just endless and we are still trying to find our feet and work out what sort of “feed style” we are trying to have. We will probably change 100 times, but hey! We are a brand enthusiast for Four Small Businesses! How amazing is that. We LOVE supporting small.

We are giving Ash solids at least once a day now! At around 5 PM he will have sweet potato, pumpkin, and sometimes carrot. We often mix it up and add a little bit of sweed or potato (all blended) but we have just been trying to keep it very plain and simple untill we hit the six month mark!

With Ash having the floppy laranix, his breathing can be quite weezy. However, on a certain day it sounded a little different, more husky than usual. I managed to get him into the doctor straight away and it resulted in my little man needing an Asthma puffer now! Hopefully it will be something he will grow out of, but it’s still scary having a bub that has asthma. As I write this I feel funny saying that, because one doctor told me Ash has Asthma but another doctor told me that there is no way he could have asthma at such a young age… you can never win! Haha.

All round (as I say every time) we have a happy baby who has definitely found his voice, loves playing, loves eating, and is smiling basically ALL the time! I think daddy is his favourite person at the moment, but in saying that, daddy does think he heard baby Ash saying “mummy” a few times.. yay!

Ash with his little twin friend Austin. x

Dakoda xo.



Month Four with baby Ash x 

Month four was huge for our little family! Ash had his appointment at the Ears, Throat and Nose Specialist which resulted in the diagnosis of laryngomalacia. Ash has floppy tissue over his voice box, so basically he is the nosiest breather and sleeper out! Aleep or awake you can hear him from a mile away! My poor baby had to have a camera down his nose to confirm that it was laryngomalacia and poor Daddy had to hold him down.

So, the good news is he will just grow out of it by the time he is two! (Fingers crossed).
We were booked in to get Ash’s Ties cut on a Monday Morning in Hobart (literally the other end of Tassie!) so we though we may as well make the most of it and head down to the Great Lake the night before so that way, we only have a two hour drive from there!

Monday came and we went into Mouthworks in Hobart. The man could not believe his eyes when he seen Ash breathe and it got even worse when he watched him drink! The man was basically in shock that baby Ash was in such great condition. He said to Dec and I “He is struggling so so much to drink his bottle. He is doing such a good job” I felt so bad! I had no idea that it was this bad. With the Laryngomalacia and the ties put together they couldn’t believe we still had a healthy bub! Dad had to hold Ash down to get his tie cut, and as bad as it is, Ash done a really good job and only cried for about two minutes. THANKGOD. We then had follow up appointments over the phone which was amazing, and overall, Mouthworks was really great to deal with!

Around this time was when I first started Ash’s Instagram page. At this stage, I was wanting to enter into brandreps, being very active and posting lots about my blog, so I decided that instead of plastering it all over my own personal account, why not make Ash his own? It was the best decision I made! We are now brand enthusiasts for three small businesses and love being apart of the Insta families!
There will be more about that next blog…



By FOUR months Ash was laughing alot, rolling over, cying when I walked out of the room, lifting his head up, starting solids towards the end of four months and just genuinely a happy healthy baby!


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Love always Dakoda x